The Global Gains Mission

ITo pioneer efforts of building, bridging, and establishing relationships between Wall Street, Corporate America, Black Academia, Black Philanthropy, Black Banking, Black Artists, and other community stakeholders of the SocioEconomic Landscape.

II. Prioritize the most negatively affected individuals and families to use innate skills and technology to leverage a sustainable life/livelihood.

III. To create incentivized forums that advocate sustainable models of wealth. Creating as laser focus on prevention with comprehensive living support.

About Us

Global Gains Consulting is a leading autonomous resource for industry & macro-entrepreneurs in finance, politics, community development, and sustainable industry. We create attainable, sustainable, livelihood practices for industry & micro-entrepreneurs.

As an organization, we are built on:

Synergistic Influence
Noble Position
Passion for Something Better

Knowledge of Self

Our Services

Global Gains Consulting is an expert in providing general business development information and resources while educating clients in the practice of professional pivot, creating maxiumum success.

We serve industy and individuals in specializing in second chance start up development.

Professional Consulting

The pride of G.G.C. is the professional pivot(s); while providing the “edge” of industry information and resources.
We offer fresh focus and a second chance.

Professional Coaching

We specilaize in consulting services that enable our clients to find success in the professional, communal and politcal areas of interest.

Speaking Engagements

Our founder Maka “Kay” Taylor, and staff are available to speak at any appropriate event or speaking engagement. Book with us today for your next event!

Community Outreach

The community is the staple in any socio-economic ecosystem. It is our aim to add value through resources and information sharing. GGC serves as a link from industry to indvidual, and individual to industry. 

Autonomous Advocacy

We opperate within the field and practice of Autonomy, an integral part of making the best descions for your personal, professional interaction and experiences. 

Critcal Race Theory

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Check out some of our literary works we have to offer below!


“To fully address the cancerous pit of degradation typical of many black communities, it is pertinent we confront the source that plays a significant role towards what has ballooned into today.”

Author Kay Taylor and D. Allen Miller teamed up in the creation of a masterpiece. More than just a book with facts and figures, 7 Steps To Kill My Nigga is a handbook that assists one through every phase of being black in America, from combatting racism to sacred healing. Each page provides practical steps and useful pointers to ensure proper growth and development for the reader. The occasional exhaustion associated with being black will dissipate as one arm him or herself with the advice in this manual. Poised, well-prepared and centered, 7 Steps opens the gateway for real black empowerment, the long-awaited sunrise for a brighter day. Afterword by Kevin Washington, Ph.D. (President of the Association of Black Psychologists)

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